California Geographic Atrophy Macula Specialist

When the early stages of eye disease present themselves, it’s time to speak with a California geographic atrophy macula specialist. We use our eyes in every waking moment, so you may think that if something were going wrong with your vision, you would notice it right away. But that isn’t always the case. Some eye diseases can progress so slowly and with so little symptoms, that it can take some time before you realize something is wrong. This can become the situation for many struggling with geographic atrophy (GA), which is a form of age-related macular degeneration. If you want to get your eyes examined by a knowledgeable team, your search can stop here at the Retina Associates of Orange County

About Geographic Atrophy (GA)

Geographic atrophy is the progressive damage of the macula, which is an area in the center of the retina. The retina is made of light-sensitive tissue that enables you to see. If the macula gets damaged, the central vision of the eye can deteriorate, which can hinder your ability to read, drive, and see faces. This experience can be disruptive and upsetting for many people, which is why we encourage those affected to be seen by our California geographic atrophy macula specialist as soon as possible. A prompt diagnosis is important, especially when the condition has reached the point where symptoms have become obvious and interfere with daily life. 

Symptoms And Signs Of GA

Initially, there may be minor areas in your vision that look blurry. The damage starts at the periphery of the macula, and moves inward towards the center. So what you may have at first is patchy blind spots. This symptom can become problematic, because you may see well in the center of your eyesight but then a delay in seeking diagnosis and care could result. Anytime someone notices blurry patches in their eyesight, they must seek a medical examination. Other signs that someone could be developing geographic atrophy include difficulty seeing in dim light, blurry faces, fading colors, and wavy lines in vision. Because certain photoreceptors in the retina can get damaged in those with geographic atrophy, colors such as green, red, and blue can look more muted or paler than usual. 

Retina Associates Of Orange County

We are a team of dedicated medical professionals who understand the complexities of eyesight diseases. After all, we use our eyes everyday to do what we need to do, so when problems arise, it can feel overwhelming. You can trust that you will receive the care and attention you deserve at the Retina Associates of Orange County. If you have noticed blurriness or other visual disturbances in your eyesight, then we encourage you to schedule an appointment for an examination. A California geographic atrophy macula specialist is ready to meet with you and provide support. As we age, there are parts of our body that can deteriorate, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to manage these conditions so living is more enjoyable. Please contact our team today if you are interested in an eye care appointment.