California Geographic Atrophy Retina Specialist

A California geographic atrophy retina specialist has seen the way that retinal cells can wither, creating patchy areas on the retina. Some patients who have macular degeneration (AMD) due to age can develop geographic atrophy (GA). This condition describes what happens when cells in the retina area die away. The spots that have atrophied can cause a blind spot in someone’s vision field. Geographic atrophy can impact one or both eyes, and someone with this condition in one eye is likely to have it develop in the other. At Retina Associates of Orange County, we are a board of renowned board certified Ophthalmologists that are trained in diseases of the vitreous, macula, and retina. If you are looking for a medical team that is committed to offering kindness and skill, then don’t hesitate to give us a call today. 

Risks For Geographic Atrophy

There are certain risk factors that can increase the chances of someone developing geographic atrophy (GA), including family history of AMD, over 60 years old, light colored eyes, genetics, smoking habits, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, sun exposure throughout lifetime, and a diet that lacks fruits and vegetables (particularly green, leafy vegetables). There may not be symptoms in the beginning stages of the condition. But if you observe vision changes related to the following, we urge you to contact a California geographic atrophy retina specialist right away: 

  • Letters or numbers disappear or are missing when reading
  • A dark or dim spot in the central or near central (side) vision
  • Difficulty seeing in the center area of your vision, which may be needed for driving, crafts, cooking, identifying faces, reading, etc. 
  • Vision that is not as clear or sharp as it used to be
  • Washed out or dull colors
  • Trouble seeing in the dim light
  • Needing extra light to read

Treatment And Care

If you or someone you care about has lost sign because of geographic atrophy (GA), our team can help. By offering strategies and educating about the use of vision aids, we have assisted many patients who want to continue to live with a sense of independence. We know that struggling with vision problems can have an effect on a person’s self confidence and ability to enjoy life. We are dedicated to providing only the utmost quality care and compassion to every client that we see. During your appointment, we may suggest the use of vision aids such as telescopic lenses for distance, specialized lights, magnifying devices, large-print books and magazines, closed-circuit TVs that can magnify a printed page on a screen, or software you can add to a computer or tablet. 

Retina Associates Of Orange County

Geographic atrophy (GA) can cause loss of vision, which can result in feelings of anxiety, depression, and independence loss. At Retina Associates of Orange County, we know that some patients may experience an increased frustration due to their vision problems. We are knowledgeable and empathetic in our care and attention to each client that walks through our doors. A California geographic atrophy retina specialist is ready to hear from you.