California Macular Degeneration

California Macular Degeneration Specialist

California macular degenerationIf you have an eye condition that is contributing to your vision loss, you may want to speak to a California macular degeneration specialist. Our eyes allow us to take in our environment and process information. Over time, our vision changes and loses its strength. Conditions that cause our eyes to deteriorate can develop. Fortunately, there are procedures that have helped people gain their vision again. By obtaining services from the Retina Associates of Orange County, you can receive treatment resulting in clear vision and healthier eyes. Contact us today to find out what procedures you may be eligible for. 

California Macular Degeneration

Our physicians at Retina Associates of Orange County are retinal specialists who have been helping many patients improve their eyesight for years. They have a strong understanding of the eye and conditions that affect it. If your vision has degraded over the years due to aging, diseases or other reasons, you can depend on them to help you fix your vision. Our safe and effective treatments have led to significantly improved vision in many patients who are in the early stages of AMD. Call our office to learn more about AMD treatments and a physician will explain if they may be right for you. 

Understanding Macular Degeneration

Millions of people have some kind of problem with their eye that results in reduced vision. As a person gets older, they may develop what is known as age-related macular degeneration (AMD). It is a disease where the macula in the eye degenerates, resulting in a gradual decline in vision. The macula is a part of the retina that is located at the rear end of the eye, and it’s responsible for central vision. The cells in the macula absorb a lot of light. Despite the degeneration that occurs, AMD does not cause a complete loss of vision.  

AMD usually begins to occur after the age of 50 in most people. Some common risk factors of AMD include genetics, underlying medical conditions such as hypertension, and lifestyle habits such as smoking. 

Common Symptoms of AMD

Since the disease is gradual, it is not immediately noticeable at first. Typical signs include blurry or distorted vision. They may see floaters or a small dark spot in the center of their eye. A person with AMD may experience difficulty with certain tasks such as reading or other activities that involve hand-eye coordination. If you notice these common symptoms, a CA macular degeneration retina specialist can evaluate your eyes and determine if you have AMD. 

How AMD is Treated

There has been a range of treatments that have been developed by researchers for patients who suffer from AMD. At Retina Associates of Orange County, an AMD retina specialist may propose certain treatments to treat the disease, depending on the form of AMD that you have, such as wet macular degeneration. Common treatment options include laser therapy or medications that are injected into your eye. The treatments help halt or slow the progression of AMD. 

Vision restoration is possible. Contact a California macular degeneration specialist now to learn more about our services.