Eye Doctor Newport Beach CA

Regardless of whether or not you eye problems, it’s a good idea to visit an eye doctor Newport Beach CA provides at least every other year. By having a regular checkup, you can be assured that your eyes either are in good health or can be treated for arising issues. The Retina Associates of Orange County has a leading team of eye care professionals who aim to provide patients with the highest quality of treatment and optometry technology.

As a trusted eye doctor in Newport Beach CA, we focus on service, convenience, and state of the art administrations to ensure you get the best eye care possible. We are committed to offering comprehensive treatment and various subspecialties in Newport Beach, Santa Ana, and Laguna Hills. To speak with an eye doctor Newport Beach CA residents can trust, please call our office today.

Why You Might Want to See an Eye Doctor

1. A Regular Checkup

In general, the recommended frequency for an eye examination is every two three years for anyone under the age of 40, and with no previous eye problems. If however you have a history of eye disease, are over the age of 40, or are having changes in your vision, you should schedule an appointment with a doctor at The Retina Associates of Orange County.

2. Emergency Visit

Any kind of pain in the eye should be taken seriously. Regardless of how intense the pain may be, you should see a Newport Beach CA eye doctor as soon as possible. The cause could be as simple as a foreign object or scratch, but it might also be trauma or infection. No matter what you believe it to be, your eye needs to be evaluated and treated to avoid further issues. Typically, general eye pain can be treated on an outpatient basis with standard medications.

3. Optic Neuritis

If you feel severe eye pain, throbbing, or any degree of a loss of vision, a serious eye condition known as optic neuritis could be the cause. Although rare, it is a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention.

4. Glaucoma

Halos around lights, a dimness of vision, blurred vision, floaters, or the development of blind spots could be the first signs of glaucoma. Created from intraocular pressure within the eye, glaucoma can lead to blindness if not assessed and treated. An eye doctor Newport Beach CA offers may also ask you about nausea, headaches, and vision problems. It’s important to take note of all of your symptoms to ensure you get the right care.

In most cases of glaucoma, the symptoms can be treated with eye drops to reduce the fluid production in the eye. Medications might also be prescribed. In serious cases, surgery can be performed to prevent nerve damage or blindness.

5. Detached Retina

Any sudden flashes of light, or feeling as if a shade has been brought down one side of the visual field may be the first sign of a detached retina. This is a serious health condition that should be treated as a medical emergency. If you notice this, please contact an eye doctor Newport Beach CA provides immediately.

6. Cataracts

Gradual cloudiness in the vision is often a sign of cataracts. These are common in people over the age of 55 and can be accurately diagnosed by an eye doctor. Although not considered to be an emergency, cataracts are still serious and should be treated as soon as possible.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor Newport Beach CA depends on, please call The Retina Associates of Orange County at 949-793-7181.