Find Me a Retina Specialist in Laguna Hills, CA

Find Me a Retina Specialist in Laguna Hills, CAFind Me a Retina Specialist in Laguna Hills, CA

The eyes are not only the windows to the soul, they can also be a window into our health. The truth is that there are many medical conditions that can actually affect the eyes in some way. This is why it is important to be aware of any changes to your eyes or vision. The following are symptoms which can indicate that you may be suffering from a medical condition and leave a patient saying, “Find me a retina specialist in Laguna Hills, California.”

Blurred Vision
: One of the most common eye issues that can mean a medical condition is when a patient suffers with blurry vision. One of the most common medical conditions is diabetes. When high sugar levels cause fluid to leak into the eye lens, it causes the lens to swell, making it difficult to focus and making the vision blurry.

Blurry vision can also indicate inflammation of the optic nerve. This nerve carries impulses from the retina to the brain, which then interprets the image. Optic nerve inflammation is one of the earliest symptoms of multiple sclerosis, as well as symptoms of herpes, Lyme disease, measles, mumps, shingles, and syphilis.

Other dangerous medical issues blurry vision can indicate include:


  •       Brain hemorrhage
  •       Lupus
  •       Migraines
  •       Preeclampsia
  •       Psoriasis
  •       Stroke

Sudden Change in Vision:
If a patient has a sudden change in their vision, they should consult with a retina specialist in Laguna Hills, CA immediately. These changes can indicate eye conditions such as age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, or a sign that the retina is detaching from the patient’s eye.

: If a person who is 45 years of age or younger sees a yellow or white ring around the iris of their eye, this can be an indication they are suffering from high cholesterol or high triglycerides. Rings in the eyes are not uncommon for older people and does not necessarily mean an issue. A patient will still want to point the issue out to their doctor, however.

Night Blindness
: Night blindness is defined as the difficulty to see in low light. People who suffer from night blindness often have problems with driving at night. Night blindness is often a symptom suffered by people who have cataracts, diabetes, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, and other eye diseases.

Night blindness can also indicate a deficiency in Vitamin A and could mean the patient’s body is having a problem absorbing the vitamin. This can be caused by disorders with the liver or pancreas. If you are dealing with night blindness issues, contact a Laguna Hills, CA
retina specialist right away.

Eyes Bulging
: One of the symptoms of an overactive thyroid is when the patient’s eye bulge. This is often caused by the swelling of tissues which are located behind the eyes. This condition is called Graves disease. Other causes of bulging eyes include cancer, infections, or leukemia. Not only do bulging eyes pose a cosmetic problem for a patient, they can also cause decreased vision, double vision, eye pain, and headaches.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms or issues, you are probably now thinking, “find me a retina specialist in Laguna Hills, CA.” We have! Contact Retina Associates of Orange County immediately.