Find Me a Retina Specialist in Orange County, CA

Find Me a Retina Specialist in Orange County, CAFind Me a Retina Specialist in Orange County, CA

What to Know: Retinal Diseases & Treatment

If you’ve typed, “find me a retina specialist in Orange County, CA” into your search bar, you’re likely suffering an illness that impairs the function of your retina, and can be a painful and scary experience. Some eye diseases can show little to no symptoms, so early detection is key. An Orange County, CA retina specialist you can find at Retina Associates of Orange County can go over with you what may be causing discomfort or an imperfection in your vision. We have been serving the our community since opening our doors. During that time, we have helped many people just like you seek treatment for an eye condition. By choosing our services, you can rest assured you are in the best of hands.

Our team of retina specialists found in Orange County, CA and assistance staff use the highest quality instruments and imaging systems for retina treatments. Our superior technology can allow us to create detailed imaging, and may help in performing a complete diagnosis of your eye. There are many illnesses related to the health of your eyes, including macular degeneration, diabetes, inflammatory conditions (of your choroid or retina) or macular pucker. An Orange County, CA retina specialist you can find at Retina Associates of Orange County can answer any questions you may have regarding how your retina was affected by these diseases.

Below we briefly go over a few of the most common illnesses related to your retina. You can trust that we are a skilled and experienced team when it comes to performing treatments and/or surgeries of any of the following conditions.

Non-Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy

The first stage of diabetic retinopathy is NPDR (non-proliferative). A patient may not notice any symptoms or have mild blurring. However, at this time there is significant damage occurring to the retinal tissue. Portions of the blood vessels associated with the retina start to weaken and bulge; which can cause microaneurysms and hemorrhages. The capillaries have poor flow of blood and cannot deliver nutrients to the retina, which results in further damage. The damaged blood vessels can leak fluid present in the retina tissue, causing swelling of the retina.

Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy

Tissues in the eye will attempt to compensation by growing new blood vessels, in response to worsening blood flow and lack of nutrients to retina. These new vessels can be fragile and abnormal; rupturing and leaking blood and fluid into the eye is common. Due to hemorrhaging in the eye, a patient can experience blurred vision and floaters in their eyesight. Sometimes, a patient will endure a almost entire blacking out of their vision.

Traction Retinal Detachment

The blood vessels that can develop in proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR) are linked to inflammation and accumulation of scar tissue, which creates traction on the fragile retinal surface. Due to this traction, the retina may detach or deform; which can ultimately lead to blindness in complex cases.

If you’ve searched, “Find Me a Retina Specialist in Orange County, CA,” please call us today to schedule an appointment with an at for an evaluation. We offer various types of treatment options and can go over them with you based on your diagnosis. We believe in helping people regain their sight back, in order to live the fullest life possible.