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Laguna Hills CA Eye DoctorIf you or a loved one has suffered a retinal tear and retinal detachment, you may want to seek out the services of a professional Laguna Hills eye doctor. The skilled eye doctors from Retina Associates of Orange County understand how frightening this condition may be for you. Our board-certified ophthalmologists are committed to providing the utmost skill and compassion when caring for all of our patients who are struggling with sight-threatening retinal conditions.

What Are Retinal Tears and Retinal Detachments?

The eye is made up of many different parts, including the retina, cornea, pupil, and lens. One of those parts – the retina – is light-sensitive tissue which is in the back of the eye. Light rays pass through the cornea, pupil, and lens and hit the retina. The retina then converts those rays to impulses. The impulses travel to our brain, via the optic nerve, where the brain then interprets those impulses into images. As a skilled Laguna Hills eye doctor can explain, an intact and healthy retina is critical to clear vision.

We also have vitreous in the middle of our eyes. Vitreous is a clear gel attached to the retina. It is not uncommon for the vitreous to pull on the retina or shrink as we age. When this happens, people describe seeing “flashes,” named because they resemble lightning streaks of lights that are flashing.

Occasionally, as the vitreous pulls away from the retina, it pulls too hard and this causes a tear in the retina. This tear can allow fluid to get between the retina and the back of the eye, causing the retina to peel off the back of the eye. When this happens, a Laguna Hills eye doctor may refer to this condition as retinal detachment.

Because the retina cannot work properly when it is detached, a person’s vision becomes blurry. If left untreated, the person will likely lose their sight completely. The good news is that a Laguna Hills eye doctor may be able to perform surgery, which would repair this condition.

Are There Risk Factors?

A seasoned Laguna Hills eye doctor knows that there are several factors which can put a person at risk for retinal detachment. These risks include:

  • Cataracts
  • Family history of retinal detachment
  • Glaucoma and glaucoma medications
  • Myopia or nearsightedness
  • Previous eye surgeries
  • Prior retinal detachment of the other eye
  • Severe injury to the eye
  • Weak areas in the retina

If you fall into one of these risk categories, there are certain symptoms you should watch for which may indicate a tear or detachment of the retina. If you suddenly begin seeing flashes or if the amount of flashes you are seeing begins to increase, that may indicate a problem. Other signs include seeing a shadow move in the sides (peripheral) of your vision, seeing a gray curtain come down the front of your vision, or suddenly having a decrease in your vision.

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