Laguna Hills Epiretinal Membrane

Laguna Hills Epiretinal Membrane Laguna Hills Epiretinal Membrane

If you are experiencing an epiretinal membrane, Laguna Hills eye doctors, from the Retina Associates of Orange County , would encourage you to schedule an appointment with our clinic as soon as possible. 


What is an Epiretinal Membrane?


An epiretinal membrane is a medical condition that involves a small, thin layer of scar tissue that forms on the surface of the retina. Typically, the tissue develops on a specific area which is responsible for a persons’ sharpest vision; this is also known as the macula. 

As a Laguna Hills epiretinal membrane doctor might explain to you, the macula is made up of nerve cells enable a person to have clear, central vision that enables the ability to see small details. For example, when you read or drive, your macula is working hard! If you should develop an epiretinal membrane, it may contract and wrinkle. This can result in distorted or blurred vision; thereby, affecting your ability to properly see. 


What Causes an Epiretinal Membrane?


Epiretinal membranes are more common than one might think. Usually, they are attributed to aging and normal changes within the eye. Sometimes, the condition can be the result of diabetes, blockages of blood vessels. Retinal tears, and inflammation in the eye. In general, the condition is not related to macular degeneration. Furthermore, most people do not experience epiretinal membranes in both eyes at the same time. As a Laguna Hills epiretinal membrane doctor might explain to you, at least 10% of the U.S. population over 60 will experience this condition at some point. 


Should I Be Assessed for an Epiretinal Membrane?


When you choose the Retina Associates of Orange County  to be your Laguna Hills epiretinal membrane eye clinic, we will be able to detect whether you are affected by this condition through an eye exam. It is certainly possible a special scan will be required to confirm the diagnosis. This scan will include the optical coherence tomography, and is an overall easy procedure. If you do have an epiretinal membrane, an eye surgeon will discuss your symptoms and help you to decide whether or not surgery is advisable. The primary symptoms that will be considered when determining whether you will benefit from surgery is the significance of blurring and distortion. If your vision is being affected in a way that it is interfering with your life and daily activities, surgery may be a good idea. 


Does Epiretinal Membrane Surgery Have Good Success Rates?


Most patients report a positive outcome after having surgery for an epiretinal membrane in Laguna Hills. However, there are a small number of patients who do not find an improvement after the procedure. If this is true, and their visual acuity does not improve, there will likely be some improvement in their distorted vision. The following are the general outcomes of surgery: 


  • About 75% of patients have an improvement of all symptoms
  • Around 20% will see no improvement of their symptoms
  • Approximently 5% will see a worsening of symptoms


It is important to understand the goal of your Laguna Hills eye doctor which is to improve the vision in the eye that is affected. That said, it is very possible that your vision will never be 100% again.

If you have an epiretinal membrane or you are experiencing the symptoms associated with the condition, it is advisable to schedule an appointment with a Laguna Hills Epiretinal Membrane doctor. Call the Retina Associates of Orange County now.