Laguna Hills Retina Specialist

Laguna Hills Retina Specialist 

Laguna Hills Retina Specialist- upclose pic of womans eyeAge-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the most common cause of vision issues in this country. According to statistics, there are more than nine million people over the age of 40 who suffer from AMD. When a person has AMD, they usually do not see better than 20/70, even with the help of glasses or other types of vision correction. This is why AMD is often referred to as having low vision. If you live in California and are having issues with your vision, contact a Laguna Hills retina specialist right away.

Risk Factors for AMD

Although the cause of AMD has not been pinpointed, there are certain factors that increase a person’s risk of developing it. Those who are 50 years of age or older have a greater risk of developing the condition. The older you get, the higher the risk. For people who are in their forties, approximately one in every 14 develop the condition, but for those who are 75 years or older, more than 30 percent have AMD.

Other risk factors associated with the development of AMD include a high fat intake, high blood pressure, smoking, and family history of AMD. People of Caucasian descent also have a higher risk of the condition.

Types of AMD

There are two types of AMD a person can develop. Dry AMD is the most common, accounting for 85 percent of diagnoses. It is thought that high levels of certain minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants could slow the progression of dry AMD. This is why you should make an appointment with your eye doctor right away if you have any symptoms.

The second type of AMD is referred to as wet AMD and is far less common than dry AMD. With this type, small blood vessels that are under the retina begin to leak, causing damage to the delicate tissues of the retina. This results in vision problems. Treatments for AMD may include laser, photodynamic therapy, or medications. 

AMD Treatments

Unfortunately, as a Laguna Hills retina specialist can explain, there is no cure for the vision loss caused by AMD and treatments only help to slow the progression of the disease. Anyone diagnosed with the condition should immediately work to reduce their blood pressure, stop smoking, reduce their fat intake and make sure they are eating foods high in carotenoids, including apples, beans, broccoli, green beans, kiwi, organs, and spinach. Your eye doctor may also recommend mineral and vitamin supplements, as well.

For those who are suffering from some level of low vision, there are tools available that can help with daily activities. Some of the items that can help include large-print reading materials, magnify glasses that have built-in lights, and handheld telescopes. There are also everyday items that have been developed to help AMD patients, such as computers, clocks, and watches that actually read text aloud.

If you are suffering from AMD or suspect you may be developing the condition, it is important to see a Laguna Hills retina specialist right away to confirm the diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. Contact Retina Associates of Orange County today to schedule an appointment.