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Newport Beach CA Eye DoctorEvery one to two years, you should see a Newport Beach eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam. This is done to assess your visual abilities as well as the overall health of the eye – which is one of the most complex organs in the entire body. Unlike a vision screening test, a comprehensive eye exam includes a broad range of testing to ensure your eyes are in optimal health. If anything is out of balance, a Newport Beach eye doctor can make an accurate diagnosis and provide you with the necessary treatment.

What Happens During a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Although every Newport Beach eye doctor will perform a comprehensive eye exam differently, there are general tests that are usually performed, and are as follows:

Understanding Your Background and History: During your eye exam, a Newport Beach eye doctor may discuss your current or family history of eye pathology as well as any environmental conditions, allergies, or medications.

Visual Acuity: This test measures your vision by asking you to read letters or symbols from a certain distance, and which get smaller as you move down the chart. It gives the Newport Beach eye doctor an idea of what your vision ability is, and whether or not you need corrective lenses.

Refraction Test: If you do not pass the visual acuity test, you may have a refractive error which could be an eye condition such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. This test will help the eye doctor to prescribe you lenses that will give you 20/20 vision, or as close to it as possible. The refraction test may include a:

  • Retinoscopy: A test that includes a small tool which shines a light into your eye. The doctor will analyze the reflex of the light to determine the prescription.
  • Phoropter: This will be positioned in front of your face and helps the doctor to understand your ability to focus as well as your overall eye alignment.
  • Autorefractors and Aberrometers: These are computerized machines that can measure your refractive error and determine your prescription. Whether or not they are used is based upon the doctor’s preferences and patient’s needs.

Eye Focusing and Eye Teaming Testing: The comprehensive eye exam may also include testing to see how your eyes function together and individually.

Eye Health: As one of the most important parts of the exam, the eye doctor in Newport Beach may carry out tests to check your eye health and any underlying diseases. These tests may include:

  • Slit Lamp Test: An instrument will be used to examine the internal and external parts of the eye including the cornea, lens, and optic nerve. It’s a painless test that can help to identify conjunctivitis, cataracts, or retinal detachment.
  • Tonometry: This test helps to identify glaucoma by measuring the pressure inside the eye. An anesthetic will be used, but typically there is no discomfort.

Pupil Dilation: Your doctor may elect to dilate your eyes in order to gain a better view of the back of the eye. This is done by the discretion of the doctor and can be further discussed during your appointment.

The Retina Associates of Orange County

A comprehensive eye exam is just as important as a yearly medical checkup and should be scheduled on a regular basis. If you would like to schedule your appointment with The Retina Associates of Orange County, a trusted Newport Beach eye doctor, please call 949-706-3514.