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Newport Beach CA Eye SurgeonWhen you are considering a Newport Beach eye surgeon, you may have many choices of doctors. However, before you make the decision it is important to weigh your options and choose a doctor and facility that is best for you. The Retina Associates of Orange County is a group of specially trained and certified ophthalmologists who specialize in diseases of the retina, macula, and vitreous. Having won multiple awards including “Best Doctors of America,” we take great pride in our ability to care for each patient. If you would like to speak with a Newport Beach eye surgeon from our practice, please call us today at 949-793-7181 to schedule a consultation.

What should I know about my upcoming eye surgery and my recovery?

An eye surgeon in Newport Beach will explain the procedure in full so that you know exactly what to expect. If you have not scheduled an appointment yet, but are aware you need surgery, you may want to consider the following general information.

  • Time to perform the procedure: Every eye surgery is different, but thanks to leading technological advances, most treatments are outpatient or require only one day of inpatient hospital care. To find out more, you can make an appointment with a Newport Beach eye surgeon from Retina Associates of Orange County.
  • Risks of surgery: All surgical procedures carry some kind of risk. The most serious risk you might experience is infection. This risk is significantly reduced by adhering to the aftercare guidelines provided by the Newport Beach eye surgeon. For instance, if you are given medication or eye drops after the procedure, you should not forget to use them. You might also be advised to avoid swimming pools or hot tubs until you have fully recovered. Your doctor will explain the specific risks before your surgery.
  • Preparing for surgery: Most procedures at the Retina Associates of Orange County are performed under a local anesthetic. If any special requirements are needed, a Newport Beach eye surgeon will advise you of them beforehand.
  • Concerns regarding experiencing pain: You should not feel any pain during the procedure. You may be awake, but your eye will be completely numb. Slight discomfort could be a possibility, but a Newport Beach eye surgeon should inform you about this before the procedure. There might be an option to take a mild relaxant or sedative to ease your discomfort or nervousness. The surgeon might prescribe pain medication for postoperative care.
  • Recovery: After the eye surgery, you will want to do as much as you can to avoid the risk of infection. This includes avoiding potentially contaminated water such as in swimming pools. You might also be told to avoid strenuous activity for a few days, wear special glasses, or avoid certain head positions. Most importantly, you should be diligent about following all instructions given by the surgeon.

Retina Associates of Orange County

If you would like to know more about our medical facility, or wish to have your questions answered by a Newport Beach eye surgeon from Retina Associates of Orange County, please call 949-793-7181 today.