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Newport Beach Eye DoctEye Check: Fact or Fiction?

Any Newport Beach eye doctor may tell you that there are a lot of myths surrounding eye care and health. These myths make it difficult for some to know how to take care of their eyes, and the dangers they should watch out for. The easiest way to learn the facts surrounding eye care and health is to ask an eye doctor Newport Beach residents trust.

Myth: Your Vision Gets Worse with Reading Glasses

One common myth is that your vision can get worse over time if you continuously wear reading glasses. However, your Newport Beach eye doctor can confirm that glasses won’t harm your vision. This myth came about because older people may wear reading glasses, and as the years pass, their vision gets worse due to aging. You may have to increase your reading glasses strength, but that doesn’t mean that the glasses are to blame.

Myth: Nonprescription Glasses Hurt Your Eyes

This myth says that over-the-counter reading glasses, or glasses you can purchase without a prescription, will hurt your eyes. Even glasses that are too strong or too weak won’t damage your vision for the long-term. If you do need a prescription to see better, it may be best to consult an eye doctor in Newport Beach.

Myth: You Don’t Need Regular Eye Exams

Even if you have 20/20 vision and see just fine, it can be important to have regular eye exams. Unfortunately, many eye problems don’t have noticeable symptoms, and by visiting a Newport Beach eye doctor regularly, you may be able to catch a problem before it worsens. Your eye doctor checks more than just your vision in an exam. They also check for symptoms of other health conditions, such as diabetes and tumors.

Myth: Sitting Too Close to the TV Hurts Your Eyes

This myth came about decades ago, when televisions used to emit low levels of radiation. As televisions have been radiation-free since the 1960s, this is no longer a problem, and has made this issue just a myth. Still, many mothers tell their children sitting too close to the TV will ruin their eyesight because it’s a warning that has been passed down from generation to generation. Sitting too close to the TV may cause eye strain, but it won’t cause permanent eye damage. Your Newport Beach eye doctor may be able to give you some tips to reduce eye strain caused by electronic devices.

Myth: Reading in Dim Light Harms Your Eyesight

This is another myth that started in the form of warnings by well-meaning parents to their children. It is just a myth, though, because reading in low light won’t damage your vision or your eyes. You may experience headaches and sore, watery, or dry eyes, which are signs of eye strain and exhaustion, but long-term damage isn’t a problem.

These are just some of the myths surrounding eye care and health that people have believed for years. The good news is that believing myths won’t hurt your eyesight any more than the myths themselves will. Take care of your eyes and keep regular visits with your Newport Beach eye doctor to preserve your good vision and eye health for many years.