Orange County Retinal Detachment Surgeon

Orange County retinal detachment surgeonWhen it comes to any problem with your eyes, you should have a specialist, like Orange County retinal detachment surgeon, on your side. The doctors at Retina Associates of Orange County are trained retinal specialists who will work hard to ensure you receive quality care. With our qualified team of retinal specialists on our staff, we have extensive knowledge on a variety of retinal diseases. Our commitment is to provide individualized treatments for retinal diseases using high-quality techniques. If you want a compassionate team of doctors, who will work to ensure your care is the utmost importance, you should contact Retina Associates of Orange County.


Causes of Retinal Detachment

Retinal detachment is most commonly caused by a retinal tear, as a skilled Orange County retinal detachment surgeon can explain. A retinal tear is mainly caused by blunt force trauma or a complication from eye surgery. Once the retina has a tear, eye fluid can leak into the tear and cause the retina to detach from the underlying tissue. Extreme nearsightedness is also known to potentially cause retinal detachment.


Symptoms of Retinal Detachment

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you should contact a retinal specialist:

  • Bright flashes of light in your peripheral vision
  • Floaters in your eyes
  • Shadows or blindness in one eye
  • Blurred vision


Treatment of Retinal Detachment

If you start to have any of the abovementioned symptoms, you should contact your eye doctor or Orange County retinal detachment surgeon immediately. It is imperative to your treatment to get a retinal detachment diagnosed as quickly as possible. Once you have been diagnosed with a retinal detachment, you will most likely need surgery. Depending on the severity of your detachment, you could either have the retinal specialist perform surgery in their office or you may have to go to the hospital for the surgery.


The types of treatments that can be done in the doctor’s office are:

  • Laser treatments can be used to seal a hole or tear to prevent a full detachment from occuring.
  • Pneumatic retinopexy is used with a small detachment. The doctors may choose to place a gas bubble in the eye which helps the retina move back into its correct location. It would then be sealed with a laser.


The types of treatments that may be performed in the hospital:

  • A vitrectomy is used with large tears and detachments. A vitrectomy removes gel or scar tissue that could be pulling on the retina.
  • Scleral buckles are performed on larger tears and are used to push the eye wall against the retina.


Prognosis of Retinal Detachment

Your recovery depends on how the severity as well as the location of the detachment. You have a higher chance of a better recovery if you are treated early. Some detachments are not able to be repaired and may cause distorted vision. You should contact an eye doctor or Orange County retinal detachment surgeon with any aforementioned symptoms to optimize your chances at a full recovery.


You should not take a chance on your vision. Working with a retinal specialist you trust is extremely important. Call our specialists at 949-707-5125 to schedule an appointment today. The specialists at Retina Associates of Orange County want to provide you with the highest level of care and service available with an Orange County retinal detachment surgeon on our team.