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Retina Specialist Orange CountyAs we get older, there are certain physical conditions we can develop that require medical attention. One of the areas that many people begin to have issues with is the eyes. Vision often becomes weaker and we can develop other serious problems, including dry eyes, glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. All of these conditions can affect our ability to see clearly. If you live in California and are experiencing eye problems, a retina specialist in Orange County can help.

Dealing with Eye Floaters

Our eyes contain a clear lining made up of gel that fills up almost all of the back of the eye. This lining, referred to as the vitreous, helps to give our eyes their round shape. As we age, the vitreous can begin to degenerate and start to appear in our line of vision. These are called eye floaters. Floaters usually have a gray hue to them and can appear as squiggly lines or other objects. Many people think they look like cobwebs. Floaters are usually more noticeable when the person is looking at something with a light or bright colored background. It is impossible to look at a floater directly because they move around so swiftly.

Floaters can begin to appear once a person hits their fifties. Although most floaters can be harmless, it is important to have an Orange County retina specialist examine you if you have begun experiencing them. While there is usually no cause for concern and most people learn to just ignore them, there are situations where floaters could be a sign that the retina has a tear or it has begun to detach.

The retina’s job is to take an image and transmit the image through our optic nerves and to the brain. Not treating these medical conditions could result in loss of vision or even complete blindness.

While floaters often go away on their own, if you notice that there has been an increase in the number of floaters you are seeing, particularly if there is also veiled vision or light flashes, this is another reason to seek out a retina specialist. This could also be an indication that there has been some kind of damage that has occurred to the retina.

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It is critical to be proactive when it comes to our eye health. There are so many conditions that could result in vision loss, yet in many of these cases, the loss of vision could have been prevented if the patient sought treatment from an Orange County retina specialist when they began experiencing symptoms. The sooner treatment is given, the better the outcome. If you are having any issues with floaters, pain, blurry vision. or any other problems, call the Retina Associates of Orange County to schedule a consultation.