Retinal Detachment Surgeon California

Retinal Detachment Surgeon in California

Retinal Detachment Surgeon CaliforniaAs a premier retinal detachment surgeon in California, Retina Associates of Orange County have the expertise you need to treat this potentially debilitating eye injury. If you think you are experiencing a retinal detachment, reach out to us today, so our skilled surgeons and staff can quickly provide you the care necessary to treat this serious condition. 

What is a retinal detachment and what are the symptoms?

A retinal detachment occurs when a tear develops in the retina. Fluid seeps into the retina, which pushes the retina away from the wall of the eye and causes it to separate. You are more likely to experience a detachment if you have a family history of retinal detachment, are extremely near- sighted, or suffered previous eye trauma or surgery. Individuals experiencing a detachment often say they see new floaters, flashes of light, and a darkening or shadow forming in their vision. Retinal detachments can progress quickly, and eventually, the person may not have any vision in the eye if not treated promptly.

How will I be evaluated? 

As an experienced retinal detachment surgeon in California, we detect retinal detachments during an eye assessment. First, we conduct an eye examination to ascertain the extent of the retinal tears and determine the degree of the retinal detachment. We will then discuss your options and develop a surgical plan tailored to your situation. 

What are the outcomes of surgery?

The majority of retinas are reattached with one surgery. The development of scar tissue is the most common reason the retina fails to reattach. Our staff will closely monitor your recovery during follow-up visits. Even with successful surgery, vision will likely not be fully restored in the affected eye. Most patients’ vision improves following the surgery, but there is a small percentage whose symptoms do not improve even if the surgery was successful depending on the extent of the damage to the retinal nerve. 

What kind of surgery is done to repair a retinal detachment? 

On average, the surgical procedure takes one to two hours to complete. It is typically done under local anesthesia, so that you cannot feel the procedure, but are awake and comfortable throughout the surgery. There are two types of surgeries to repair a retinal detachment:

  • Scleral Buckling Surgery: This surgery entails placing a silicone band around the eye to bring in the walls of your eye. This offsets the pressure that created the original tear and detachment. The surgery may be done in conjunction with Vitrectomy Surgery. 
  •  Vitrectomy Surgery: This surgery involves removing the vitreous humor, the jelly-like substance in the center of your eye. After the retina is reattached and the tears are repaired with a laser. Finally, the surgeon will fill the eye with a gas bubble that holds the retina in place. The gas bubble eventually disperses and over time, the eye will replace the vitreous humor with fluid.


A retinal detachment is a serious eye injury and should be treated immediately. At Retina Associates of Orange County, we have some of the best retinal detachment surgeons in California and state-of-the-art technology. Call us today so you can receive top-tier care that will get you on the road to recovery.