Santa Ana Macular Edema

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What Is Macular Edema

If you live in Santa Ana macular edema specialists will be able to provide you with a full explanation of this eye condition. In general macular edema is a buildup of fluid in the macula, which is an area in the center of the retina. The retina is a tissue in the back of the eye and is sensitive to light. The macula is responsible for sharp, straightforward vision. When there is a fluid buildup, the macula becomes swollen and thick. This leads to a distortion in vision.

Why Does Macular Edema Occur

Macular edema is most commonly caused by diabetic retinopathy, a health condition that happens to people who have diabetes. It can also occur after eye surgery, specifically, that has been performed for age-related macular degeneration. Inflammatory diseases of the eye or diseases that cause damage to the blood vessels might be a contributing factor to macular edema. Some symptoms include:

  • Blurry central vision;
  • Distorted vision (i.e. straight lines appear wavy);
  • A pinkish tint overriding your vision; and
  • Sensitivity to bright light and glares.

How a Macular Edema Santa Ana Clinic May Treat the Condition

Treatment for macular edema typically is determined based on the type you have and the underlying causes. For instance, if high blood pressure and diabetes led to the fluid buildup, both of these issues need to be addressed in addition to the macular edema. After which, the fluid and damage to the retina can be effectively treated.

In general treating diabetic macular edema and macular edema caused by other health problems will be largely the same. Certain people might require extra treatments. When you see a specialist for macular edema Santa Ana patients can discuss these needs in a private consultation.

The Most Common Treatments

Anti-VEGF Injections – Intravitreal injections are one of the most common ways to treat macular edema. This is a painless procedure that involves numbing eye drops and a very thin needle that injects a vitreous gel into the center of the eye. The injections are very effective for most people and block the activity of VEGF, a growth factor that promotes the growth of blood vessels.

Corticosteroid Treatments – When a macular edema Santa Ana doctor discovers the disorder is caused by inflammatory eye diseases, steroids may be prescribed. These are usually given in an eye drop, pill, or injectable form.

Nonsteroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs – Given through eye drops, these medications are usually given to a patient before or after cataract surgery. Their purpose is to prevent a fluid buildup from happening; thus lead to macular edema.

Vitrectomy – In some cases a macular edema Santa Ana eye doctor will recommend surgery. This is most common when the vitreous (gel that fills a space between the retina and lens) is pulling down on the macula. This surgery, known as a vitrectomy, might also be performed when blood was collected around the vitreous, or when other treatments for macular edema have not worked.

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