Best Retina Surgeon Orange County

Best Retina Surgeon Orange County
Retinal Treatment: Find a Quality Surgeon

Best Retina Surgeon Orange CountyFor those suffering from a retinal injury or disease, an experienced eye surgeon at the Retina Associates of Orange County might recommend seeking surgery. Depending on your condition, we can discuss what kind of procedure is most appropriate for treatment. We have been helping Orange County residents heal from eye injuries since opening our clinic, and our team of experienced medical professionals may be able to help you, too. We offer compassionate and skilled services when it comes to the health of your eyes. Finding a surgeon who can perform quality treatment is key to healing from an injury.

If you were diagnosed with a retina condition, you may be wondering what kinds of treatment options are available to you. We have listed below some common treatments and surgeries, which your surgeon can discuss with you at greater length:

Common Torn Retina Treatment Options

Laser Surgery (photocoagulation):
A doctor will use a laser to make very small burns around the retinal tearing. The resulting scarring can seal the retina with the underlying tissue, assisting in prevention of a retinal detachment.

Freezing (Cryopexy):
A retina surgeon will use a freezing probe in order to apply intense coldness to the retina that can freeze the retinal tear, securing the retina to the wall of the eye.

Scleral Buckle:
A flexible band is placed around the eye in order to counteract the pressure that is pulling the retina out of the proper placement. The fluid accumulation under the detached retina is then drained, allowing it to move back to its typical position against the wall of the eye.

Pneumatic Retinopexy:
A gas bubble is inserted into the space inside the eye. This bubble can push the tear of the retina into place against the eye wall. This is often used along with performing laser surgery or cryotherapy.

A retina surgeon may use this technique to fix the retinal detachment by removing the vitreous gel that is pulling on the retina and replace it with a bubble of gas. After this is done, the body can start the process of exchanging the gas with its own natural fluids.

Our eyes are such an important part of our bodies, and being able to see is key to performing our normal daily tasks. Planning for eye surgery can be a scary experience. A retina surgeon at the Retina Associates of Orange County can answer any questions or attend to concerns you may have leading up to the surgery appointment.

After any of the above procedures are performed, it may take some time before you notice positive changes to your vision. An eye surgeon at Retina Associates of Orange County can go over with you what to expect after the surgery or treatment is performed. We strive to make our patients feel well informed and confident to continue at home care of their eyes.

If you’ve been searching for the best retina surgeon Orange County has to offer, you can stop your search at the doors of the Retina Associates of Orange County. Call us today to request an appointment with an eye surgeon today.