California Retina Specialist 

California Retina Specialist 

California Retina Specialist - upclose of womans eyeOver time our eyes can change as we age, as a California retina specialist can explain. Minor vision changes can be normal, but if you notice any unusual changes to your vision such as pain or stinging you may want to see a retina specialist. They can examine problems in your eye and determine if you have any disorders as your other conditions that need to be treated immediately. These types of issues must be treated by a retina specialist like one at Retina Associates of Orange County. Don’t delay putting off important treatment that helps protect your vision. 

What is a retina specialist? 

A retina specialist is a type of opthamologist who treats various eye diseases and can do surgical procedures to prevent issues like vision loss and blindness. They have several years of additional specialized education to deepen their knowledge of the retina and disorders that affect it. Some of the most common retina problems that they can treat include macular degeneration, retinal tears, and diabetic retinopathy. 

What are the symptoms of vision problems? 

Common symptoms of retina problems include blurry vision, shadows, light sensitivity, and reduced peripheral vision. They can happen gradually over time and may worsen if they are left untreated. These symptoms should not be ignored and should not be taken lightly. If you notice that your vision has been impacted by these types of symptoms, you should schedule a consultation with a retina specialist right away. 

How do retina issues develop? 

There are several ways that retina issues can develop. They can develop because of pre-existing conditions, or after an accident that causes bodily harm. Trauma to the eye can lead to retina problems, such as when a foreign object like dust enters the eye and causes microscopic tears on the surface. As a California retina specialist can explain, retina issues can be caused by medical conditions like diabetes or a hard blow to the head or eye. 

When should I see a retina specialist?

If you are noticing symptoms that are affecting your vision you should not ignore it. You should take action right away and consult a retina specialist if you notice symptoms like sudden vision loss, shadows, increased floaters, spots in your eye and other unusual changes. If you are uncertain or are concerned about changes to your eye, see a retina specialist right away. 

How can I keep my eyes healthy?

There are several things that you can do to maintain the health of your eyes. Get frequent rest, eat a healthy and nutrition diet, and wear protective eye gear when appropriate. Limiting your screen time is another Way that you can keep your eyes healthy and in good shape. If you are frequently on the computer or use electronic devices, such as for your job, make sure to take a break every 20 minutes and rest your eyes for 20 seconds. If you are noticing vision changes, schedule a consultation with an experienced California retina specialist like one at Retina Associates of Orange County so that you can obtain an eye exam.