Newport Beach AMD Specialists

If you think you may be suffering from age-related macular degeneration, or AMD, it might be wise to speak with a Newport Beach AMD SpecialistNewport Beach AMD specialist who is familiar with the condition and can educate you about it. AMD causes severe vision loss in people over age 50; while it is gradual and typically painless, it affects central vision in a way that can be debilitating. While there are few treatment options for this condition, the specialists of Retina Associates of Orange County can offer you specialists who know the best ways of dealing with its onset.

When you consult with an AMD specialist in Newport Beach, you will learn that there are two main kinds of AMD:

  1. The “dry” form. This kind of macular degeneration results from yellow deposits called drusen that arise in the eye’s macula. While the drusen themselves do not necessarily lead to changes in vision, their growth can cause dimmed or distorted vision. Blind spots can ensue, and in more advanced cases, patients with the dry form of AMD can lose their central vision.
  2. The “wet” form. This kind of macular degeneration results from abnormal blood vessels growing beneath the macula. As they leak fluid and blood into the retina, they cause distorted vision, blind spots, and loss of central vision. Their scarring eventually leads to permanent central vision loss.

Most people diagnosed with AMD have the dry form, and thus do not tend to lose their central vision. However, it is possible for the dry form of AMD to lead to the wet form, from which serious vision loss tends to ensue. That’s why it is so crucial to schedule regular visits with your eye doctor and, if you have or think you may have developed AMD, to seek an experienced Newport Beach AMD specialist.

Symptoms of Age-Related Macular Degeneration

It’s important to be aware of what the regular symptoms of AMD are, and perhaps more so, to note that the early stages of macular degeneration can be asymptomatic. One of the first signs that patients notice is a distorted appearance of straight lines.

When you meet with a Newport Beach AMD specialist, you will find that the other main symptoms of AMD include:

  • Distorted center of vision;
  • Appearance of dark and blurry or whited-out areas in the center of vision; and
  • Altered or diminished perception of color.

How Age-Related Macular Degeneration Is Diagnosed

Because these symptoms are so slow to arise, it’s important to prioritize early detection of AMD. Usually, a Newport Beach AMD specialist will diagnose AMD through a routine eye exam, where eye doctors are able to detect drumen beneath the retina. Another method of diagnosis your specialist may use is the Amsler grid test, which shows a pattern of straight lines; AMD could be diagnosed through this test if some of the lines appear wavy or seem to be missing.

An AMD Specialist Newport Beach Trusts

If you are coping with any of these frustrating early symptoms of AMD, or suspect that you may be at risk for the condition, it’s vital that you not wait to speak with a vision specialist. Retina Associates of Orange County is a highly-recommended and board-certified group of ophthalmologists who takes pride in giving each of our patients the utmost in skill and care. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment with a Newport Beach AMD specialist who can help restore your vision, give our Newport Beach office a call at 949-793-7181.